Dispute Resolution Process

At Energy Saver Plus we are committed to providing exceptional service and delivering high-quality products under the Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) Program. However, we understand that there may be occasions when customers have concerns or complaints. Our internal dispute resolution process is designed to address and resolve such issues in a fair, transparent, and timely manner.

Step 1: Submitting a Complaint

If you have a concern or complaint, please reach out to our customer service team using any of the following methods:

When submitting your complaint, please provide the following information:

  • Your name, address, and contact details
  • A clear description of your concern or complaint
  • Relevant documentation, photos, or evidence to support your complaint

Step 2: Acknowledgment of Complaint

We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint within two business days. Upon acknowledgment, we will provide you with the expected timeframe for resolving your complaint, details of the dispute resolution process, and the contact information for our Designated Complaints Officer (DCO).

Step 3: Investigation and Resolution

Our DCO will investigate your complaint thoroughly by gathering all relevant information and assessing its validity. We aim to complete our investigation and provide you with a written response within 15 business days. The response will outline our findings, any proposed resolution, and the rationale behind our decision.

Step 4: Internal Escalation

If you are not satisfied with the proposed resolution, you can request an internal review by a senior manager or executive within our company. Please submit your request for review in writing within 10 business days of receiving our initial response. The senior manager or executive will review the complaint, the DCO’s findings, and propose a final resolution within an additional 10 business days.

Step 5: External Dispute Resolution

If you remain dissatisfied after the internal review, you have the option to escalate your complaint to an external dispute resolution body, such as the relevant state or territory energy ombudsman or consumer affairs agency. We will cooperate fully with the external body in resolving the dispute.

Please note that our internal dispute resolution process is free of charge to all customers. We are committed to addressing and resolving complaints fairly and efficiently, and we value your feedback as an opportunity to improve our services.

Essential Services Commission of Victoria
Phone: 03 9032 1300 or 1300 664 969
Email: [email protected]

Energy and Water Ombudsman Victoria
Phone: 1800 500 509

Consumer Affairs Victoria website