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Energy Saver Plus is an accredited provider under the Victorian Energy Upgrades program. With over a decade of experience in the energy efficiency sector, we are well-equipped to guide businesses like yours through the complex world of Energy Efficiency Rebates.

Why Partner With Us

A partnership with Energy Saver Plus opens up new opportunities for your company. Not only can you offer valuable rebates to your customers on energy-efficient appliances such as air-conditioners and hot water heat pumps, but you also gain a trusted partner when navigating the complexities of industry compliance.

Compliance in the energy sector can be challenging. Regulations change, paperwork is intricate, and the stakes are high. As a partner, you’ll benefit from our deep understanding of the regulatory landscape and our commitment to keeping your business fully compliant.

Our Experience and Dedication

We have over 10 years of experience in the industry, which gives us a deep understanding of its intricacies, including the nuances of compliance. We're here to take that burden off your shoulders. Our team is committed to guiding you through every step of the process, ensuring your business stays compliant while you focus on delivering excellent services to your customers.

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The Rebate Process Simplified

Applying for energy efficiency rebates doesn't have to be complicated. We've streamlined the process, making it straightforward and hassle-free. With our compliance expertise, you can be rest assured that every application aligns with the latest industry standards and regulations.

Access to Rebates

By partnering with Energy Saver Plus, an approved participant in the Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program, your company can offer attractive rebates to customers. This makes your products more affordable and competitive.

Customer Referrals

Energy Saver Plus actively refers customers to our partner companies. This not only increases your customer base but also provides potential clients who are already interested in energy efficiency and the benefits of the VEU program.

Enhanced Brand Reputation

Participation in the VEU program alongside Energy Saver Plus demonstrates your commitment to energy efficiency and environmental sustainability, enhancing your brand's image and reputation.

Compliance Assurance

Energy Saver Plus can assist your company in meeting the VEU's standards, including product registration, GHG reduction calculations, and efficiency requirements. This ensures that your products are compliant and eligible for the VEU program.

Technical Support

Energy Saver Plus provides guidance on the VEU program's pre-installation sizing requirements and installation limits. This valuable support helps your company meet these new requirements effectively.

Sustainable Practices

By adhering to the VEU program's decommissioning and disposal requirements, your company can demonstrate its commitment to environmentally responsible practices. Energy Saver Plus is there to guide you through this process.

Enhanced Green Credentials

The VEU program's new Global Warming Potential (GWP) threshold for air conditioners and heat pumps encourages the use of refrigerants with a lower environmental impact. Partnering with Energy Saver Plus can enhance your green credentials in the market.

Market Expansion

By partnering with Energy Saver Plus, your company has the opportunity to expand its market reach and customer base. This includes not only environmentally conscious consumers seeking energy-efficient solutions, but also price-sensitive customers who can benefit from the attractive rebates offered through the VEU program.

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Become a partner with Energy Saver Plus and discover the benefits of a streamlined, compliant rebate process. We look forward to working with you towards a more energy-efficient and future.